Zover ziet het plezier in de Mas Blanc

ZOOVER.Independent holiday reviews

There are several sites on which you, as a guest can write a review about your holiday address experiences. Zoover claims to be the most importantant one in Holland and far beyond.

In 2009 Mas Blanc received her first Zoover Award. We were the best holiday address in Molieres sur Ceze. This didn’t really surprise us, because we were literally the only one in our small village. We therefore didn’t give it much attention.

The year after we appeared to be the 3rd best in the county. We informed on what conditions the conclusions had been made. It did make us curious. This was serious business. We worked even harder, if possible.zoover en de mas blanc

In 2012 we were included in the French nationwide list.

On May 6th 2013 we received a letter in which we were congratulated: The Mas Blanc had been chosen the 14th best holiday destination of France.


In 2014 we recieved a message that we were now number 8 of the whole of France.

The top 10 receive each their individual certificate.

And a little proud we show our Zoover certificate here.