Trouwen in zuid frankrijk

Getting married under the Sun
in Southern France

Getting married on the Mas Blanc is a marriage forever !

Are you looking for a location to celebrate your wedding under the southern French sun ? Then put the Mas Blanc high on your wish list.

It started for us with the marriage of the daughter of one of our loyal guests. Then word of mouth worked its way.

Why is it so easy to choose the
Mas Blanc as marriage location?

  • In close consultation almost anything is possible.
  • The costs (price versus quality offered) are favourable.
  • The wedding guests do not make the trip for one or two days, but they can attach a (cheap) holiday.
  • We now have an extensive scenario, you can consult. No surprises before, during or after the party !
_bruiloft onder de kastanje (1)
trouwen tent 's avonds


Because each wedding couple has different wishes, we have chosen for customization.

Of course the bride and groom will visit us in advance. Together we look at the accommodations, our romantic wedding location, and we discuss the customization. In and around the Mas Blanc there is room for 45 guests. Should you invite more, then there are some beautiful houses available closeby.

There is the possibility of actually marrying here (ie before the law). The marriage will then be consecrated by the mayor of our village. However, this is somewhat complicated. Up to now only one wedding couple has opted for this. The others formally registered their marriage at home and held their party here. 

Note: Wedding on the Mas is not possible between mid July and the end of August.


Do you know what we are proud of ? 

Fortunately, the bridal couples return here regularly for a holiday after their wedding. That is why we know that the passion we saw here on their wedding day is still unmistakably present.

We flatter ourselves with the idea that the choice for this special place is the best conceivable basis. Not one day, but a whole week with your friends and family. Celebrating an important day in your lifes, strengthening the bond and leaving an indelible memory with the bride and the guests.

Marriage on the Mas Blanc is forever

Cost, Usually it goes like this

Well in advance your week is booked. The bride and groom will rent the entire Mas Blanc that week for the rates of that particular period. (Check the prices) They also pay the costs of the stay, dinner and drinks etc. of the day of arrival (Saturday) and the day of the wedding. Also the cost of the joint brunch on the day after the wedding usually takes care of the bride and groom.
The guests pay the costs of the rest of the week back to the bride and groom. We collect these amounts and reimburse them to the bride and groom. If the master of ceremonies (s) account for a fair share of the organization during the wedding, the final bill (for 45 guests) will not reach the 15,000 euros for the bride and groom. This includes all costs ultimately incurred by them. (stay, dinners, drinks, decoration, brunch, script, wedding cake, babysitting etc etc). Of course this is indicative. However, it is necessary to give you an idea.

Of course there will be many questions left (after all, you are looking for customization). Please contact us.