How to get there

ss+(2015-01-23+at+04.33.50)Attention: Always take this itinerary with you. You can’t trust your navigation system in the final couple of kilometres.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through Maastricht and Luxembourg you will pass Lyon and drive (autoroute du Soleil) towards Marseille. You can drive either through Aubenas (A) or through Barjac (B). Distance from Maastricht: 950 km.

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route de Mas Blanc 1
30410 Molières-sur-Cèze

Route A

This wonderful route is 20 km shorter, but will take 30 minutes longer than route 2. After Valence you take the exit Privas and will reach the N104 towards Aubenas (through Privas). In Aubenas you drive towards Alès through D104 and D109, a couple of km past Saint Bres. Just before Saint Ambroix you turn to the right towards Bessèges: D51 (Continuation after route B).

Route B

You will leave the autoroute du Soleil at exit Bollène/Pont St. Esprit. You will first drive to Pont St. Esprit. From here on only 75 km (approx. 75 minutes). You take the D86 and then the D901 towards Barjac. Past Barjac you take exit D979 until your reach Saint Jean de Mauruejols. From here on you take the D51 towards Saint Ambroix. In Saint Ambroix you will take the D904 towards Bessèges. Outside Saint Ambroix you turn to the left (still towards Bessèges: D51.

Continuation route A and B

After a couple of kilometres you turn left and cross the bridge (river Cèze), towards Molières sur Cèze. (keep following the signs “parc aventure” until the end). Straight after the bridge you turn to the right, to Les Brousses ( about 4 Kilometer), through the D130. In Les Brousses you take the first “real” road to your right (you will notice our sign) and keep to the right, you will pass a tennis court and drive towards the forest. Straight on through a twisting forest path, up the hill (1,5 km). Attention: our forest path has a couple of rainfall thresholds!! Drive carefully. You will be surprised when you notice Le Mas Blanc. We will kindly welcome you!