Cursus Frans

French lesson in southern France in a former monastery
from 14 to 21 September 2019.

A French course where more than just French is taught.

French lessons accompanied by excursions

If you want to enhance your French language abilities, celebrate your holidays, eat well and also want to learn something from French culture and preferably in France itself ? Then this French lesson course is just the thing for you!

There is a French Week, but on an individual basis you can also take classes during holiday season.

Excursions are organized to, for example, the market in Saint-Ambroix. Or we go to the local baker who explains how the real French baguettes and croissants are baked. Then we bake our own croissant for the next day ! But a cooking class is also on the programme.

The excursions are in French. There will always be someone present to simplify the language should there be a need to. The lessons are given at the home of Odette Sovrano, in Saint Ambroix (8 km from the Mas Blanc).

In short, a French week in which much more is learned than just French language alone.


You arrive and leave on Saturday. The course starts on Sunday.

The French lessons are usually given in the morning. On average you receive 10 hours of class per week. Should you want a different number of hours that is always possible. Please consult us in advance. The time of conversation during the excursions is additional.

Odette Sovrano

Odette Sovrano was born and raised in France, is a qualified teacher and has always lived in our region. For 21 years she has gained experience in teaching the French language to foreign people. Her enthusiasm automatically inspirs her “étudiants”.


Euro 195 per person for the week in September. (individual lessons euro 20 per hour)
This amount includes excursions and guides, but excluding travel expenses, accommodation, food and drinks.
For the costs of the stay click here
If you prefer to spend a day or part of a day on the swimming pool for a longer period of time, that is of course possible. You have the freedom to choose which lessons or excursions you want to take part in.

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