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Being one of the most beautiful cities in Provence, Avignon is a famous tourist destination. The romantic city on the Rhône has much more to offer than its world-famous bridge (pont d’Avignon) alone and is a highlight of a holiday in the South of France. The city is about 80 kilometers from Le Mas Blanc and can easily be reached by car.

Palais des Papes
The name of the palace already reveals that this fort was the seat of several Popes (who had then separated themselves from the Pope in Rome) in the Middle Ages. The large medieval fortress / palace Palais des Papes is definitely the most famous and impressive landmark of the city and can be spotted from afar. The Palais des Papes was built in the 14th century and consists of 2 different parts: the old palace and the new palais du pape. The exterior of the gigantic palace is characterized by tall spiers and elongated narrow windows. The facade of the palace is impressive but not immediately beautiful. An impression that immediately changes once you are inside. The Palais has beautiful rooms and breathtaking frescoes and is well worth a visit. The large square in front of the fort is filled with terraces in the summer, and is also the site of the “Festival d`Avignon”. An art festival that attracts artists and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Sur le pont d`Avignon
The most famous bridge in the city (danser sur le pont d’Avignon) should also be visited. The bridge, which first consisted of wood, was already built in the 12th century. Eventually the washing water conquered the bridge, leaving only 4 of the original 22 arches and the small St Jean chapel behind.

It is wonderful to stroll through the city; enjoying the cozy squares, secluded courtyards, beautiful gardens and old streets, feeling like you are living in the Middle Ages. In the old city, surrounded by large fortifications that are still in good condition, you will find many small monasteries, churches and chapels that all refer to the interesting history of the city. The cozy terraces, cafes and good restaurants make sure that you will have a wonderful time in Avignon.

Although it can become quite crowded in the city, especially in summer, a visit to Avignon is more than worth it. The beautiful buildings and wonderful atmosphere will enchant you and make you want to return to this beautiful part of France.

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